Join us for an insightful interview on Shergroup on Sofa, where our CEO Claire Sandbrook sits down with Eugene Joubert, the Chairman of Corporate Rebels and Founding Director of Global Credit Management Practitioner. Claire and Eugene will discuss the recent grey listing of South Africa and Nigeria by the Financial Action Task Force (FATF). The grey list is issued by FATF to countries with significant issues in their anti-money laundering and countering terrorism financing legislation and regulation. Eugene will shed light on the reasons behind South Africa’s inclusion on the list and the immediate actions taken by the country to address these concerns. He will also explore the impact of these actions on businesses, employees, GDP, foreign direct investment, and international sales. To learn more about the work of Corporate Rebels and gain further insights from Eugene Joubert, visit their website at . You can also connect with Eugene and stay updated on his professional endeavors by following Corporate Rebels on LinkedIn at . Do not miss this informative conversation that provides valuable perspectives on the FATF grey listing and its implications for the credit industry and businesses as a whole. Thank you to everyone tuning in to this insightful episode of Shergroup on the Sofa. We are grateful to Eugene for taking part. Please subscribe to Shergroup TV for future interesting content and do not forget to like our show! If you have a business and would like to be a guest on our programme, then please email us at You can also become a member of the Shergroupie Community – just visit our website and join us! It is all there for you on And finally, for more Shergroup news and views you can also link with us through any of our social media channels |

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