Judging Process

Luis Perez (Mexico)

With a distinguished career in credit management, Luis Perez is a seasoned professional known for his insights into international credit practices. He brings a global perspective to our committee, enriching our discussions with his expertise in cross-border credit operations.​

Eugene Joubert (South Africa)

Eugene Joubert is a prominent figure in the credit industry in South Africa. His extensive knowledge of credit risk and regulatory compliance makes him an invaluable asset to our committee, ensuring that our congress addresses critical issues affecting credit professionals in the region.​

Josef Busutill (Malta)

Josef Busutill brings his deep understanding of European credit markets to the committee. As a dedicated advocate for responsible credit management, Josef plays a crucial role in shaping our congress to reflect the evolving regulatory landscape in Europe.​

Harry Strausser (United States)

Harry Strausser, representing ACA International, joins our Steering Committee to bring the unique perspective of the United States to the forefront. His extensive experience in the American credit industry will help ensure that the congress addresses the specific needs and challenges faced by credit professionals in the U.S.​

Declan Flood (Eire)

He is the Founder and Chief Executive of the Irish Credit Management Training. Declan is a specialist Credit Management Author, Trainer, Educator and Speaker. He is recognised as a thought leader in Credit worldwide for his total business approach to Credit that is not only about getting paid in full and on time

Claire Sandbrook (United Kingdom)

Claire works at the sharp end of credit - and across the world sheriffs/bailiffs and judicial officers are responsible for the enforcement of debts that cannot be paid voluntarily. From her long public service to the UK High Court, Claire is a past Chair of the High Court Enforcement Officers Association, and a Vice-President of the UK's Chartered Institute of Credit Management.

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