Introducing the
Global Credit Awards 2024!

The World Credit Congress 2024, set in the stunning Margaritaville Resort, Orlando, Florida, is proud to present the first-ever Global Credit Awards. This landmark event, organized by Shergroup and its partner, Blue Moon, will be hosted by our Diamond Sponsor, ACA International. The clear aim of the Award Ceremony is to celebrate the highest standards of excellence, innovation, and professionalism in the credit industry.

A Special Thanks to Our Diamond Sponsor!

ACA International

We are delighted to have ACA International, a pivotal leader in the credit and collections industry, as our Diamond Sponsor. Their dedication to excellence makes them an ideal host for an evening filled with awards and high-calibre entertainment.

Why Enter the Global Credit Awards?

Demonstrate Excellence

Showcase your company’s achievements in the credit industry.

Earn Prestige

Gain recognition from industry peers and leaders for your contributions.

Network with Elites

Connect with key figures and thought leaders in the global credit market.

Boost Your Reputation

Boost your company's reputation by winning or making the shortlist for one of the top credit organizations globally.

Celebrate Success

Honour the dedication and hard work of your team in the credit industry.

Nomination Guidelines

  • Each Nomination must not exceed 1,500 words which will include hyperlinks to supporting evidence. Submissions exceeding this word limit will be automatically disqualified.
  • Nominations can include external sources of evidence to support their entry. Guidelines on acceptable forms of evidence (such as links to publications, reports, or testimonials) will be provided.
  • The portal page will clearly outline the categories for which awards are being given.
  • The deadline for submission of entries will be on 14th July 2024