World Credit Congress and Exhibition Outline Program
Our Theme This Year is “Be Part of The Global Credit Community!”
Orlando, October 14-16, 2024

We are thrilled to invite you to be part of the most anticipated global credit industry event of the year, the World Credit Congress and Exhibition, taking place in Orlando from October 14th to 16th, 2024.  

Our theme says it all – to invite credit professionals at every level and from every type of industry background to come together as a community in the most visited place on earth – Orlando, Florida!  

We have put together an exciting and progressive program of events with speakers come from Europe, Canada, South America, South Africa, and Australia to share with you their thoughts on how the fundamental process of credit is working for them and how it can be adapted for your organization – whether you call home as Florida, the United States, or any other place in the world.   

There is an undisputed amount of synergy across credit operations and the idea behind the Congress is to share that synergy and encourage, support, and innovate in this vital field of commerce in any economy.  

For 2024 your Congress is being hosted by the Shergroup brand, based in Orlando and London.  Led by its CEO, Claire Sandbrook, Shergroup has won its share of awards as it has trailblazed in the field of credit for over 25 years.  Claire herself was nominated for the most influential person in Credit in 2002 and won an award as The Credit Personality for the UK Chartered Institute of Credit Management in 2010.  In recent years she has been at the center of TV projects educating audiences on the enforcement of court judgments.   

Today Shergroup counts many senior people in the world of credit within its community – hence the theme of the 2024 Congress.  These professionals are part of a wide body of expertise who are finding that since the impact of COVID there is more than unites than divides the field of credit management.   

So, as we prepare for this spectacular gathering of industry leaders, professionals, and innovators, we want you to join us in making this event unforgettable and by inviting you to take part in an interactive and dare we say – fun event – in Orlando.   

This year’s Congress promises three days of unparalleled learning, networking, and business opportunities, all while experiencing the vibrant city of Orlando.  We’re excited to share with you the program highlights that await you: 

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