In this insightful interview, our CEO Claire Sandbrook engages in a conversation with Josef Busuttil, the Director General of the Malta Association of Credit Management (MACM) and a FECMA Council Member. They delve into the services provided by MACM to its members, shedding light on the crucial role the organization plays in the credit industry. Josef emphasizes the importance of minimizing risks associated with trade credit and offers valuable suggestions for suppliers and creditors during the onboarding stage. He further discusses effective ways to manage accounts receivable, ensuring sound cash flow and customer satisfaction. Additionally, Josef shares practical tips on improving the collection process and highlights the benefits and potential drawbacks of automating and outsourcing the credit function. Throughout the interview, his expertise and insights provide valuable knowledge for businesses and professionals in the credit industry. To learn more about MACM and stay updated with their latest developments, we encourage you to visit their website at . You can also connect with them on Facebook and stay engaged with the Malta Association of Credit Management by liking and following their page at . Do not miss out on the opportunity to tap into the expertise of this reputable organization and gain valuable insights into credit management. Thank you to everyone tuning in to this insightful episode of Shergroup on the Sofa. We are grateful to Josef for taking part. Please subscribe to Shergroup TV for future interesting content and do not forget to like our show! If you have a business and would like to be a guest on our programme, then please email us at You can also become a member of the Shergroupie Community – just visit our website and join us! It is all there for you on And finally, for more Shergroup news and views you can also link with us through any of our social media channels |

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