What to Do at Networking Events

Networking events are prime opportunities for credit professionals to expand their connections and learn from industry experts. Here’s a guide on how to make the most out of these events.

Prepare in Advance

Before attending events like the World Credit Congress and Exhibition 2024, research the agenda, speakers, and attendees. This preparation will help you identify key sessions to attend and people to connect with, enhancing your overall experience.

Engage Actively

Actively participate in discussions and ask questions during sessions. Engaging with speakers and fellow attendees at events like the Credit Management Conference or the International Credit Congress can lead to meaningful conversations and connections.  Have your burning questions ready – the speakers want to hear what is on your mind – and offer you answers and suggestions.

Attend Social Functions

Networking events often include social functions such as dinners, cocktail receptions, and informal gatherings. These are excellent opportunities to meet and connect with other credit management professionals in a more relaxed setting.  This year the World Credit Congress has two evenings of opportunities to network including a Cocktail Reception on the evening of October 14th and then on October 15th we are hosting the Global Credit Awards.  Finally on the third day – we are offering a yoga workshop and alternative nutrition workshop, to network with fellow credit professionals who are looking to stay fit in mind and spirit so they can excel in their role!   Which event are you  looking forward too?

Exchange Contact Information

Make sure to carry business cards and exchange contact information with the people you meet. Follow up with them after the event to solidify your new connections and explore potential collaborations.  And courtesy of we will be setting up our internal messaging system to keep the Congress community informed on what’s happening throughout the event.

Participate in Workshops and Seminars

Workshops and seminars at finance conferences 2024, provide trade credit solutions in the form of hands-on learning experiences. Participating in these sessions can enhance your skills and knowledge, making you an even more effective credit professional.

Network with a Purpose

Set specific goals for your networking efforts. Whether it’s to learn about new credit management strategies, find potential business partners, or seek career opportunities, having clear objectives will make your networking more focused and effective.

By following these tips, you can maximize the benefits of attending networking events and build a strong professional network within the credit community.

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