In this episode of “Shergroup on the Sofa,” CEO Claire Sandbrook interviews Luis Eduardo Perez, President of ICM Credit, to delve into the world of credit and collections. Luis shares his remarkable journey in the industry and sheds light on the key elements holding the credit industry together. As the visionary behind the World Credit Congress, Luis explains the significance of the congress’s claim, “The future is now,” and its implications for credit professionals and businesses worldwide. Additionally, he unveils his company’s innovative approaches and discusses how his roles as a life coach and corporate governance advisor synergize with his position. With insights into the industry’s future and his own journey, this interview becomes an invaluable resource for credit professionals and businesses navigating the dynamic landscape of credit and collections. Don’t miss this enlightening conversation providing a unique perspective on the credit industry and its future. To learn more about Luis Eduardo Perez and ICM Credit, visit their website at . Connect with them on LinkedIn for the latest updates and industry insights. Stay connected on their social media platforms: Like and follow them on Facebook and catch their visual content on Instagram For even more valuable content, subscribe to their YouTube channel. This interview promises an enriching experience for all credit professionals and businesses. Thank you to everyone tuning in to this insightful episode of Shergroup on the Sofa. We are grateful to Luis for taking part. Please subscribe to Shergroup TV for future interesting content and do not forget to like our show! If you have a business and would like to be a guest on our programme, then please email us at You can also become a member of the Shergroupie Community – just visit our website and join us! It is all there for you on Shergroup
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